Classes Offered


Below are the 10 core courses and SAR requirement for completing the ANTE UP! Certificate.

  1. Accountability Processes: Creating, Maintaining, Sustaining Community Safety
  2. Beyond Buzzwords: Intersectionality: Theory, Framework, Practice
  3. Intentional Apologies
  4. Abortion: Realities, Law, and Healing
  5. Anatomy & Physiology: Unlearning the BS
  6. Sexual & Reproductive Justice
  7. Disability Justice Part 1 (co-taught with Cory Silverberg)
  8. Disability Justice Part 2 (co-taught with Cory Silverberg)
  9. Media Literacy & Net Neutrality
  10. A More Inclusive History of the US Sexuality Field
  11. Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR)


All videos will have English subtitles or transcripts, font size on powerpoint will be 24+, we will read aloud what is posted in the chat box on the zoom platform, and we are guided by disability justice principles. Please contact Bianca to confirm your needs are supported and honored. If you need ASL or BSL please contact Bianca to make this request.