Grievance Policy

“it is difficult for individuals to shift paradigms and that there must be a setting for folks to voice fears, to talk about what they are doing, how they are doing it, and why.” bell hooks, Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom pg. 38

We take all of your concerns seriously. Our grievance policy offers a direct route of communication with Bianca I Laureano, PhD, MA, CSE, CSES in person, via email at or through virtual spaces (i.e. Google Hangout, Zoom, Skype). We encourage participants to find a time to meet with Bianca to find support and resolution about their concerns.

SARs, classes, and supervision utilize the same Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, and Accountability and Community Restitution as ANTE UP! These divest in disposability, invest in self care practices, and value community restitution.


ANTE UP! requires an “all in” approach to community knowledge production. As we divest in disposability practices, we must invest in accountability. We will be challenged and uncomfortable on a regular basis while in this program and together as we collaborate. Each participant is expected to complete a self care and wellness plan to support them as they move through the certificate process. Participants are encouraged to access The Fireweed Collective’s “Navigating Crisis” Handout.

As a community of practice we will value an accountability process and communicate as directly as we can. Participants are expected to engage in revolutionary loving ways. We will gently remind and push one another to grow and expand together. We must all invest for an optimal outcome.

We are all worthy. We are all chosen. We are all going to mess up. We are all worthy.


Not everywhere is your living room, literally and figuratively.

As an online space, many of us may be in our homes or other personal space as we engage with one another. We are expected to each act as hosts of this community of practice we welcome into our home. Performing niceness is not expected. Leaning on revolutionary love is valued. Hard work may be done quietly. We are here because we value the process of learning and unlearning. We acknowledge and honor our resistance and will work to open paths to fulfilling needs. We value self care strategies of support and will actively engage in a wellness plan / ritual / spiritual practice / etc. throughout this experience.


This is a skill set that all of us benefit from using. When we are focusing on valuing and learning from failure, accountability becomes an option for supporting our unlearning and healing process. We know that we will all make mistakes and we hope we each have communities of practice that can hold us as we need and challenge us even when we are hurting, because we believe that ANTE UP! is not only a philosophy and school, it is a way of life that invests in community, expansion, and revolutionary love.


Because we are all worthy of love and care. When we value this healing approach our communities may be able to more effectively share and find what they need. We are trying something new for this space and we welcome you into this opportunity to create a radical and revolutionary learning space rooted in liberation and love. Doing this sort of work is hard! Hard in a way we don’t have the words for but that our bodyminds remember. There are things that may activate or hurt or confuse us. We must be prepared the best way we can for such challenges and discomforts. These are living documents and are able to shift and change as you need. We ask that you remain present and updated as needed.

If a resolution is not experienced with the facilitator please follow this protocol:

  • Contact Cory Silverberg via the contact information online for Our Team or at his website
  • If you are taking a course with Cory please contact Mia Fine at and follow the instructions below
  • Cory Silverberg / Mia Fine will review the concern and meet with Bianca and facilitators
  • A conversation with those impacted is welcome based on comfort
  • If discussion with legal representation and/or counsel is needed that will be welcomed
  • A form of community restitution will be established within 45 days of receipt of original concern
  • If community restitution is not experienced participants are encouraged to make a formal complaint with AASECT on their website

Because we center Black people, Indigenous communities and knowledge, and people of the global majority, grievances disguised as white supremacist tactics will not be tolerated. These resemble the following:

  • Claims of reverse racism/discrimination. There is no such thing because the reverse of discrimination is inclusion, the reverse of racism is radical acceptance.
  • Colorism that is about accommodating lighter skinned individuals.
  • Ableism that is focused on including and making comfortable non-disabled people.

If earlier action steps fail to resolve the problem AASECT should be contacted at