Free Curricula

I Didn’t See You There Discussion Guide

FREE and available for download here.

I Didn’t See You There Discussion Guide in black and white with a circle in the center with the silhouette of the director Reid Davenport in his wheelchair with a red circus tent behind him.

 The Official Netflix Crip Camp Curriculum

FREE and available for download in English and Spanish here.

Crip Camp curriculum green and red with white and black font that lists the Parent and Educator discussion guides and chapters of the curriculum. Red image is of young Black disabled person on an inter tube in a lake with their tongue out smiling.

The Porn Conversation Curriculum & Discussion Guides based on ages of youth

FREE and ready to download at The Porn Conversation website.

Background is light green at top and lightens to white a bottom with The Porn Conversation in white and the word porn in pink at left lean and underneath the title in pink +not your average sex ed

Sexual & Reproductive Justice Discussion Guide. (2018)

NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene. Available in 2018 for free here.

Sexual and Reproductive Justice. When all people have the power and resources to make decisions about their sexuality and reproduction. Image on side is of a group of people with various genders and skin colors.

Respect Wheel; Power & Control Wheel 

to minimize online violence for communities and women of color. 2015. Center for Solutions to Online Violence. Available for free here and see below.

Respect wheel in various colors outlining how to respectfully engage online
Power and Control wheel in various colors identifying harmful practices of online engagement

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