ANTE UP! Philosophy

Guided by all the best components that have come from spaces communities created, ANTE UP! is a call to action and a guiding philosophy for who we want to be and the world we want to be a part of creating. Our curriculum uses social-emotional learning as early Freedom Schools in the US south offered, centering care and healing through common experiences and community support is what guides us in creating assessments and activities advised by a doula framework, the knowledge that there are other paths to justice not only one, and our value in media making for using the common phrase ANTE UP! to move all in for the greatest experience for all to win. We all must ANTE UP! for healing, justice, and liberation.


The options for affordable and accessible Professional Development opportunities for adults and seasoned professionals rarely focus on long term healing, facilitation strategies, and self-assessment for preservation. We are offering courses that act as intensive un / learning opportunities for each individual that will support us all. Our courses begin with a human rights understanding of justice and healing. We use a variety of texts to discuss and understand theory, practice, art, and community healing experiences.


Visit the certificate section to learn more about what the requirements are to obtain an ANTE UP! certificate.


Each course is $275 per person. Courses are two 3-hour virtual sessions. Each course offers 4 AASECT CEs.

How we made it here was that in 2018 all courses were $500 per person per course. Each course lasted five weeks; four weeks of instruction / meeting with one week to submit final contribution as week five. Each course is three hours and no more than twelve participants. Fees cover

  • Logistics of hosting and offering accessible technology for participants
  • Thriving compensation for guest speakers, instructors, and co-instructors
  • Cover the options and needs of legal representation, accreditation and certification fees, and planning for the future.

Payment plans are available on a case by case basis.  Participants are expected to pay in full 24 hours prior to the course.

All courses are lead by Bianca I Laureano, MA, CSE, CSES. Read Bianca’s bio and CV.


Visit our course offerings to find out how to register. If there is a course you are interested in and would like a one-on-one accelerated session with Bianca please email her directly at You may request private sessions for courses for a group that has at least 5 participants.  These requests may be for courses that are not yet available or that will be made available later in 2018. We are starting small and have big plans and syllabi for courses! Please note guest speakers may change and are featured based on their availability.


ANTE UP! creates next level virtual collective learning spaces for professional development. Provide virtual webs of knowledge production for the sexuality, gender, and justice educators. We do this by offering support in the form of professional development opportunities highlighting some of the most taboo topics in our field and lives: death, failure, grief, and healing.


Grief. Failure. Honesty. Direct Communication. Collective Un / Learning. Liberation. Freedom.


Creating collective webs of knowledge and healing for the entire human being.  Unlearn the ways white supremacy keeps us from ourselves, each other, and accessible healing and learning experiences. Examine and renew our commitments to freedom, liberation, and justice.

GOALS (we dream BIG)

  • Support more people of color in finding community in the sexuality, gender, and justice fields CONSTANT
  • Create learning environments rooted in liberation and accessibility CONSTANT
  • Solidify the foundation educators and community organizers have to build their career CONSTANT
  • Resist erasure and reclaim the fields that are our birthright CONSTANT
  • Offer 10 courses by the end of 2020
  • Graduate 2 certificate recipients by end of 2020 ALL of them POC
  • Collaborate with universities and colleges COMPLETED
  • Offer SAR centering bodies and people of color by Fall 2018 COMPLETED