The Edge of Sex Speaker Series

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The Edge of Sex: Navigating a Sexually Confusing Culture From The Marginsby Lisa Speidel and Micah Jones is an anthology of voices from the margins, bringing together 37 writers to discuss their experiences of sex and sex education in the US. 

The anthology explores often overlooked and excluded identities, which focuses on sexuality and disabilities, survivors of sexual assault, sex work as women of color, kink and BDSM, being Muslim and queer, reproductive rights, and the challenges of culture and identity when grappling with gender fluidity and gendered expectations.

This series of workshops includes various writers discussing their own stories as marginalized individuals as they trace the negative effects of a restrictive, fear-based sex education. Their talks unearth larger themes: tensions with race and religion, expectations from heteronormative society, and pressures of femininity and masculinity. Importantly, they also highlight the resilience and empowerment of marginalized individuals within a culture designed to ostracize them. 

Registration is required. Each session will run for 90 minutes. One and a half (1.5) AASECT CE is offered for participation in each session attended. To receive the 1.5 CE for the session you desire, you must register for that particular session. Each session has its own independent link to reserve your seat! Each registrant will receive an email with information 72 hours prior to the event which will include Zoom information and a copy of the chapters written by the speakers.

This program meets the requirements for the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselor, and Therapists (AASECT) and is approved for 1.5 CEs that can be used toward obtaining or maintaining AASECT certification. Completion of this program does not ensure or guarantee AASECT certification. For further information please contact

WHEN: Saturdays at 12pm PST/ 1pm MST / 2pm CST / 3pm EST

April 17, 2021 Destinee Wright and Christina Tesoro Meaningful Work: Women of Color’s Experiences in Sex Work Register here

This workshop by Destinee Wright (Chapter: Brown Sugar Baby) and Christina Tesoro (pen name Janis Luna, Chapter: Tease) addresses their experiences as women of color in sex work and reveals their perceptions of the sex work industry in the US. This talk also includes exploring sex worker rights, networks that provide support and ways that sex educators and therapists can improve their understanding of sex work.

May 1 Tyrabia Womble and Golda Houndoh Black Sexuality and the Construct of Virginity Register here
This panel dissects the particular racialized nuances that Tyrabia Womble (Black Girl Lost: Navigating the Intersections of Race, Gender, Religion, and Sexuality) Goulda Houndoh (It Takes a Village: Discovering My Identity Amidst Cultures of Confusion) and Breanna Raymond (Erotophobia: The Fear of Sex) have faced as Black women in regards to the construct of virginity. As more progressive sex education pushes against the concept of virginity, these speakers address the challenges and/or validity they have found navigating societal expectations of virginity as Black women.

May 22 Quentin, Pearl, and Shaun Making Trans Asian American Identities Visible Register here

For queer and trans individuals, the inclusion of ethnic and cultural identities is often not part of the mainstream discourse. Join this discussion to hear Quentin and Pearl (Quentin and Pearl) and Shaun (Don’t Fear Failure) talk about how Asian American culture and identities influence their romantic partnerships, gender presentation, and familial relationships as queer and trans people.

June 5 Danya Navigating My Trans Identity and Being Muslim Register here

Danya’s (Are You a Boy or Girl? No) discussion explores the complexities of being queer, trans and Muslim. They highlight how growing up without information about gender identity conflicted with their own cultural and religious identities and how the lack of media representation in America impacted finding what was their truth.

June 12 Charity Betsill and Aleks Schmidt People with Disabilities Are Sexual Citizens Too Register here

Able-bodied sexuality is almost exclusively what we see in popular media in America. This kind of dehumanizing erasure sends a message that people with disabilities are non-deserving of pleasure. Charity Betsill (How Cute) and Aleks Schmidt (From “Doing It” to Breaking the Binary: How I Figured Out What the Hell My Gender and Sexuality Are) discuss their discovery of their own sexuality as people with disabilities and address how sex educators and therapists could work to be more inclusive with their work.

June 19 Emma Terry, Ashley Abel, Cosima Smith Faking Orgasms, Discovering Pleasure and the Joys of Toys and Kink Register here

Sexual pleasure, non-normative sex practices, and kink are often “taboo” subjects in America, portrayed as deviant or trivialized in discourse. Emma Terry (Inorgasima, Floodgates and a Magic Wand) Ashley Abel (Down the Rabbit Hole) and Cosima Smith (Snapshots) discuss their sometimes fumbling journeys of sexual discovery through self-pleasure, sex toys and kink.

June 26 Luca Suede Connolly, Cosima Smith, Aleks Schmidt Gender Non-Conforming People Speak Out: Stories of Sexuality and Discovery Register here

Non-binary and Gender Non-Conforming representation is growing in popular media; but there is still much to learn about. Luca Suede (Constructs and Other Coutures), Cosima Smith (Snapshots) and Aleks Schmidt (From “Doing It” to Breaking the Binary: How I Figured Out What the Hell My Gender and Sexuality Are) detail their experiences as non-binary individuals and how media, language, and shifting norms impact their daily lives and their romantic and sexual partners.

July 10 Danya, Shaun, Landon Wilkins, Bridget Trans Identities Across Generations Register here
Being trans is not a unique identity to a certain sect of people, and a range of multiple differences exist, in particular age. Danya (Are You a Boy or a Girl? No), Shaun (Don’t Fear Failure), Landon Wilkins (How I Earned My Name) and Bridget (Yoga Pants, Growing Pains, and New Beginnings ) discuss their trans identities and how being trans has influenced where they are in life based on their age, gender presentation, work, and family.

July 17 Danya, Elizabeth Jones, Tyrabia Womble Negotiating The Relationship Between Sexual Identity and Religion Register here

 Religion and sexual purity culture often go hand-in-hand in American culture. Danya (Are You a Boy or a Girl? No) Tyrabia Womble (Black Girl Lost: Navigating the Intersections of Race, Gender, Religion, and Sexuality) and Elizabeth Jones (If At First You Don’t Succeed…Maybe Relationships and Sex Just Aren’t Your Thing) address how they discovered their sexual and gender identities in a religious environment, including navigating expectations of virginity, gender identity and asexuality.