Being ANTE UP! Certified means that you have been trained in understanding the history, implementation, and troubleshooting of various justice frameworks to elevate your work in your communities. Being “certified” in this way is unlike any other certification because at ANTE UP! it’s not about passing a class or writing a paper, it’s about creating your community collaboration philosophy, identifying how to align your fees with your commitment to accessibility and economic justice with receiving a wage to thrive, and interdependence. To be ANTE UP! Certified is to be prepared for a changing world.

Visit the certificate requirements section to learn more about what the requirements are to obtain an ANTE UP! certification.

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All courses unless noted are lead by Bianca I Laureano, MA, CSE. Read Bianca’s bio and CV.


  • Exclusive access to Bianca in one-on-one coaching and support sessions
  • Training and workshops in power and justice theories and frameworks
  • Curiosity is honored and encouraged
  • Preparation for the changing world
  • Priority enrollment in courses
  • Exclusive opportunity to co-teach courses, classic and new
  • Licensing agreements for intellectual property if new materials offered
  • Curriculum and course development experience


The cost of ANTE UP! Certification covers participant fees for

Participants can earn up to 54 AASECT CE credits. 

Certification fees are $3700 and may be paid in full or in 3 customized installments.

Each course is an intensive for 4 hours over two virtual live sessions or one 4-hour intensive. Each course has no more than twelve participants. Fees cover logistics of hosting and offering accessible technology for participants. Fees also cover offering a thriving compensation for guest speakers, instructors, and co-instructors. Finally, fees cover the options and needs of representation, accreditation and certification fees, and planning for the future.

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The price is based on the labor involved in creating the space, syllabus, researching, and making the learning space accessible.  In order to grow we must invest. In order to offer fair and thriving wages to staff we must have our courses and offerings reflect the sustainability of the individual. You will find that our prices are much less than other accredited schools and universities that do not offer what we do. You may also find that our prices may be much higher than other similar professional development spaces, yet they do not do what we do with our clear and direct vision of frameworks and theories that guide us, investing in interdependence, community collaboration, and being lead by those most impacted. This is why we ANTE UP!


We have offered scholarships since 2018 and plan to continue to do so. At this time we are re-imagining a more sustainable way to offer scholarships. There will be an application of some sort. If you are interested in this option now and wish to discuss please contact Bianca at AnteUpPD@gmail.com.


Access is important and at ANTE UP! we want to ensure you get your needs met. Each course is done virtually and engagement and participation is expected and encouraged. A WIFI connection and device to participate is required (i.e. computer, tablet, smart phone). Participants are expected to use the video feature of their device to be in the course and participate fully. We are using the online platform ZOOM which offers chat room, screen share, video use, and recording. Closed captioning, ASL or BSL, and recording of live classes may be offered if requested in advance.

Readings include a variety of texts that are at different reading levels and tiers. For each course there is a website which holds the syllabus and the tier of each reading. Some participants may find tier 3 reading easier than 1 and readings are selected to challenge us to learn and create knowledge and unlearn through a variety of texts. Texts include films, advertisements, oral narratives, theories, videos, social media hashtags, online searches, music, poetry, and art.

The first priority is open source and access readings and texts, then hard copy texts. A majority of readings are made available to participants. Some texts are required to purchase for the course and these texts fluctuate for each course as they are updated.

All of the courses currently are offered and held in US English. Bianca’s first language is Spanglish and she knows as much ASL as she does HTML: enough to be dangerous but find the trash can. We are open to folks translating our courses for those who wish to purchase them to learn and to complement their learning experiences. We are fully invested in making this learning space as accessible as possible. This is a learning experience for all of us and we know we may have done something incorrect already and need to be told so we may correct. Please be in touch if you see something like this! Safety and access are community efforts.