SARs 2019

This is a SAR for all of us. When I had my SAR in 2009 I was so disappointed. Read about why here.

Bianca has lead SARs and has been requested to create them as well. For the past several years Bianca have been creating an archive of images, videos, worksheets, activities, and discussion prompts that allow for the exploration of the sexuality experiences, needs, boundaries, and impacts of legislation, public policy, institutional and structural oppression, and racism.

This is not a traditional SAR! It will touch upon the traditional and cannon topics but it will begin, center, and end with people of color!

This SAR is going to be available at the following dates and times. Check back for updates and additional times!

To request a SAR please contact Bianca at

APRIL 2019

Inclusive SAR April 13 -14, 2019 San Francisco, CA 


ANTE UP! SAR September 3-4, 2019 Atlanta, GA