2019 Courses

The virtual Freedom School of our dreams for all we need to learn and unlearn collectively!

Each course is a live intensive course and meets two times for 3 hours. Continuing Education (CE) units are offered for each course and are listed next to the course. CEs are for AASECT and the American Psychological Association. Participants will need a device with audio and video capabilities that can access an internet network. Private individual and group sessions are available and may be requested here.

Courses are small and LIVE (not pre-recorded webinars) with Bianca! Each course is $375 per person. Payment plans are available. Register today!


JUNE 2019

Abortion: Realities, Law, and Healing    course description Register here


ANTE UP! Sexual Attitude Reassessment September 3-4, 2019 Atlanta, GA Register here


COMING IN 2019 (All courses may be requested as individual sessions)

Accountability Processes: Creating, Maintaining, Sustaining Community Safety  4 CEs  course description

Beyond Buzzwords: Intersectionality: Theory, Framework, Practice   4 CEs course description

Theories & Frameworks by Women & Femmes of Color    course description

Reproductive Technologies    course description

Liberatory Education: Theories & Practice    course description

Online Communities & Safety

Disability Justice and Bodies of Color

Theories on Race & Racism course description

Anatomy & Physiology: Unlearning the BS

Failure: F$%*ing Up, Learning, and Healing 4 CEs course description

Sexual & Reproductive Justice 4 CEs course description